Working Days and Attendance

Working Days and Attendance
The school follows a six-day (Monday to Saturday) week schedule. There will be no regular classes on Sundays and  Second Saturdays. On Saturday students will have various activities and programmes. (Kindergarten will have only five-day week schedule)
Regular attendance is a condition for promotion to the higher class. Absence from school for reasons other than illness or serious unforeseen circumstances will not be excused. A minimum of 80% attendance is compulsory for promotion. Condonation will be exercised only in exceptionally valid cases and that too only to the extent of 15% shortage. Students with shortage of attendance will not be allowed to appear for the final examinations and will not be considered eligible for promotion.


Tests, Examinations and Promotion
The School will be conducting both summative and formative assessment and evaluation on a regular basis. Performance in tests/ term exams/final exam will be indicated in grades. The attendance for the periodic Tests and Examinations, the schedule for which is given in the Handbook, is compulsory. Promotion to the higher class will be based on the over-all performance in these Tests and Examinations.

No retest will be arranged nor will any test/exam be rescheduled for any student on account of his / her absence from a test or exam. Attendance for all the tests and exams are mandatory. Leave is not granted ordinarily, except on medical grounds. However, granting this will be the sole discretion of the Principal. A student will not be granted promotion if he/she is absent in the Final Examination.

Text Books and Note Books
The School will distribute texts books and note books to all the students according to the requirement. However in the case of students getting admitted to the School later than June 30, they will have to get the texts books from outside according to the School’s Curriculum.